Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'll Tell You a Story ....

Before I tell my story I have to thank everyone that took the time to leave a comment for me. I was so thrilled to actually see comments and get some great advice from some pros!! Thank you, thank made my day.

Now to my story about how I came to the blogger universe. I knew a celebrity before she became a celebrity. We shared a friendship before anyone was ever blogging [I think, not sure when blogging started?] and we both lived in farmhouses and had children the same age.  We shared many cups of tea while our children played. She moved away from my town and we lost touch over the years. One day I happened upon her blog  and was so happy to see her beautiful family and home. I was charmed again by her style and loveliness.When I walked into her former home [in my town] for the first time I knew that I wanted to create the same warmth in my home that she had  achieved in hers. She gave me a lot of gentle advice and guidance [I say "gentle" because my home had a lot of  ugly to overcome]. I realized that she had used simple, inexpensive decorating ideas to make her home special. I have copied her, shamelessly, many times over and now, sometimes, I even have a clever idea of my own.

You know my "mentor" as Linda at Restyled Home and I can tell you that she is just as genuine and kind as she appears on her blog. So I thought it was important to give credit where credit is due because most of the time I am a big copycat!! Once I clicked on her blog I was clicking away to meet so many others like Linda and getting inspiration, not only on decorating, but on food, fun, and  faith. So now when my favorite magazine comes with a section on Blog awards I am actually  familiar with some of them. Thank you Linda for your friendship and thank you to other bloggers who share themselves everyday and make me laugh and feel normal that my house isn't perfect.

Gee this sounds kind of corny....but so what, it's true!


HeartVintageDesign said...

No one has a perfect house! Check out my last post and see that it has a link to a "linky" party. Follow that link and see what you need to do to link up. I'll bet you can whip up a tutorial in no time!

Restyled Home said...

Elizabeth, this was so nice to read and truly took me on a trip down memory lane. You were a beacon of kindness during what could have been a very lonely five years of both early marriage and motherhood in a new town far away from my family. I learned so much from YOU and will always treasure my memories of our time together.

Thank you for writing this and I have almost finished reading your blog posts (yep, every one!). I am thoroughly enjoying them and sipping tea while I read!

Much love to you and your family.

{northern cottage} said...

ahhhh welcome welcome welcome to the bloggy family! i've found you via Linda & gladly so. Can't wait to explore your new blog & see what comes next! Would love to have you visit (& follow along if you like) at our cottage!