Monday, April 16, 2012

I Am Such A Lucky Duck Today!!

I received a very special surprise from a dear friend today and I rushed home to put the kettle on so I could pour over these beautiful magazines while I had my afternoon tea. I actually saved one to look at this evening when all my chores are finished, which required a tremendous amount of self-discipline!! I hate to call them magazines because they are more like books that you would display on your coffee table. The photography and even the paper it is printed on are gorgeous. Now I cannot wait to get Matthew's new book  Flea Market Finds. All I can say is Matthew Mead and Linda are a match made in heaven. He deserves her and she deserves him and they are both so lucky they found each other. Did you notice too, the delicate note and book labels? They are made by one of Linda's favorite Etsy shops Vintage Paper Parade. It is so like Linda to have perfect stationary too. Well I have to make this a short post because I have to get to those chores.... so I can get to that last magazine.... and then go through the others again.....Thank you Linda for sharing your magazines with me and the ridiculous amount you had to spend on postage to send them to me.


Restyled Home said...

Yay! I am so glad they arrived safely! You are too kind with your praise, but I certainly appreciate it!!

You will have fun with some of the recipes. I am embarrassed to say I haven't made anything, but really should as I stick to the same old meal plans. My poor family!

Happy reading!

Mandy said...

*totally jealous* ;)