Friday, April 20, 2012

Manners Please and Sea Glass

This picture has nothing to do with this post but sea glass is so pretty, isn't it?
Whatever happened to good manners? It seems it isn't just children who are forgetting them A LOT!! You all know by now that cheap frugal is my middle name and to this end we do not have any "phone" features which all cost extra and none of which we cannot live without. Do you know how many people do not have call-display on their phone? One person, and apparently it is me. Everyone that calls these days expects that I should know who is calling. I am very good with voices but sometimes I get stumped and halfway through a conversation I have to say, " I am sorry but I do not recognize your voice"  which is met with shock and dismay. Please people who have call-display, remember that not everyone does, and you need to introduce yourself....The other phone feature that I love is the "beep" which tells you someone else is calling and it is always someone more important than me. You get the "I have to take this call, it is blah,blah and they are sooooooo much more important to talk to than goodbye". Sorry, but I think that is rude, really, really, rude, so unless it is your doctor calling to tell you that you need to get to the hospital, you should finish your conversation and call them back!! Now don't even get me started on cell phones....

Now that I have vented about bad manners I can tell you that we are having another day filled with sunshine so I am going to hang a load of wash on my clothesline. The excitement is never ending in this house!!

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Anita said...

I've so enjoyed visiting your blog, so I'll use my good manners and say "thank you" for sharing!