Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday's Question

this little egg is real, it is tiny and came from my neighbor's hens
I have a few movies and shows that I can watch repeatedly and you know why? It is because I love the homes featured in them and so I find myself strangely comforted by watching; weird, I know. I love the following:
  • Sleeping with the Enemy, loved the house she rented after she escaped her husband
  • Fatal Attraction, loved the house they bought in the country
  • Signs, loved the farmhouse where most of this movie is filmed
  • Gilmore Girls, loved their house and small town and Rory reminds me so much of my oldest daughter
  • Waltons, classic farmhouse!
I even had certain people I loved babysitting for when I was young because I loved their homes. I can remember the cozy, well looked after ones, and how I liked how they made me feel. I can also remember the cold, gloomy ones and how I would dread having to go more than once. Remember how I told you about going to Linda's house for the first time and my first impression of her home. Blogs do the same thing to me. Linda's original blog header was so unique [her new one is gorgeous too] and I am sure it had a lot of readers from first glimpse. At least for me, a pretty blog header will instantly have me reading and not being able to stop, just like a good book. 

What are some of your favorite movies and blogs?

 64. A washing machine and clothes dryer to do my mountains of laundry [remember Patty-Sue is secretly working for a laundry detergent company] because I can recall when I didn't have my own and I am thankful every time I use them now.
65. My clothesline that I use more than my dryer three seasons of the year.


Anita said...

My daughter and I love the Gilmore Girls, too! We own the complete series. I'm always scanning the set paying attention to the room decor...beautifully decorated and just my style.

Elizabeth said...

One of these days I am going to buy that series! Hope you got all your marking finished.

Mandy said...

seriously funny! i also am drawn to certain movies,etc because of the homes {and always have been}. one of my favorite houses is from the Practical MAgic movie...even though i hate the movie i watch it;) the avonlea series is one of my favs too. oh to live in avonlea! hmmm...i know there are more...

Anonymous said...

"The Family Stone" watching that movies feels like coming home to me. The house is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

"The Family Stone" watching that movies feels like coming home to me. The house is fantastic!

Kristie75 said...

I love that you watch movies for the house! I do that, too. Since I love the beach, I am drawn to houses like Diane Keaton's in Something's Got to Give. . . and apparently so are a lot of other peole