Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quick Supper and Dessert Ideas

chocolate and vanilla ice cream sandwich

this can be cooked ahead of time
When you are babysitting three children under the age of four you have to be prepared to have a simple supper. My latest quick fixes are homemade ice cream sandwiches and tortellini salad.

Dessert first, of course:

This idea came from Diane who told me how she made ice cream sandwiches with graham crackers. I  found chocolate wafers on sale last week so I substituted and they work great too. I also melted a little milk chocolate and spread some on the wafers before adding the ice cream. I wrap them individually and they are ready in the freezer to grab for dessert.

My supper idea is my own concoction and I love it, if I do say so myself! You simply make a tossed salad and add cooked tortellini. I also add grated cheese and crumbled bacon if I have it on hand. I buy this fresh pasta at my local grocery store and it only takes a few minutes to cook. You can put whatever dressing on it that you like but I prefer a creamy one. My husband's idea of supper is meat and potatoes and he is happy with this "full meal deal" so be daring and give it a try. 

62. Lots of sunshine and two loads of laundry blowing dry on my clothesline.
63. A dozen eggs from my neighbor and a batch of Five Rose cookies made with the fresh eggs.


Diane said...

Your Ice Cream sandwich looks delicious....
I love fresh Laundry hanging on the line!

I'm so thankful that my hubby has a 4 day weekend and we have extra time to spend together.
And also that it's an R&R 4 days to just do whatever "Together"!

Elizabeth said...

Have fun doing "whatever" together Diane. Thanks for the comment.