Friday, May 4, 2012

May Challenge

hamster cage for sale!
My May Challenge is to get rid of 30 bags of stuff; a bag, a day! This is just a copycat of the 40 bags in 40 days for lent which I first saw on Clover Lane but I missed that so I am making it my spring clean-up challenge. We just got a goodwill bin at our local supermarket so I can take a lot of stuff to that and maybe to the local dump too! Also. I am listing some stuff on Kijiji [similar to Craig's List] and I will consider this a bag if I can sell some of our garbageitems we don't use anymore.  Wish me luck because if I am to succeed I will need a lot of it!

I started this post on Tuesday and this is the first chance I have had to get back to it and it is because I am on bag four and it has been busy getting to bag five tomorrow. I love the cathartic enjoyment I get from each bag that leaves this house. Stay tuned for my I said before.....the excitement is never ending in this house.


66. A beautiful day for a walk to the neighbor's house with three toddlers in tow to see the chickens. I can do chicken pictures just like Meg.
Gordon's pride and joy!


Anonymous said...

you inspired me. I will have to do some serious closet cleaing but I think I can match your bag count and it will feel good to remove stuff from my home and life. spring cleaning time.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, thank you anonymous! I am so happy I inspired someone. The bag count is at eight and several of those bags were just garbage....hard to believe.